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Creating Clarity for the 8-Hour In Person Directly Supervised Massage Technique CE Requirement

13 Oct 2023 10:43 PM | Robbin Blake (Administrator)

Since the start of this year, we are seeing that some LMTs are sometimes incorrectly interpreting the 8-hour "in person" massage technique requirement to include any class taught in a physical classroom, to include lecture classes.  Since a lecture by definition does not involve the direct application of massage technique, a lecture class does not satisfy the 8-hour in person, directly supervised application of massage technique continuing education requirement.

WAC 246-830-475 Subsection 2a states:

(2) The following categories of continuing education are mandatory:

(a) A minimum of eight hours must be in person and directly supervised involving the participation of the direct application of massage therapy as defined in RCW 18.108.010; and

In essence, 246-830-475 Subsection 2a is stating

  • that all LMTs are required to complete 8 hours of in person (in a physical classroom, not online)
  • directly supervised (an instructor teaches and remains in the classroom) 
  • involving the participation of the direct application of massage therapy as defined in RCW 18.108.010 (directly applying a massage technique).

After you fully read a class description of a CE class, if you are unsure if the class you want to take is lecture or qualifies as a massage "hands-on" class, we recommend that you ask the instructor or host of the class to get clarity.

However, in person lecture classes related to the topic of massage can be used to satisfy the "remaining" hours portion of our 24 hour CE requirement.  24 total CE hours minus 8 hours in person "hands on" minus 4 hours ethics minus up to 4 hours CPR still leaves at least 8 remaining hours of CE class. 

For complete continuing education WAC details, click on the link below:

WAC 246-830-475 Continuing Education

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