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DOH 2022 Draft Legislative Proposals

5 Sep 2021 7:32 AM | Marybeth Berney (Administrator)

Washington State Department of Health 2022 Draft Legislative Agenda

The Department of Health (DOH) recently released the draft of their legislative requests for 2022. In this first document (power point) you can see the types of requests that are being proposed and from where within the state budget the dollars would come from. 

Department of Health_2022 Webinar 8-23_Slides.pdf

In this next document you can see a brief explanation of each proposed piece of legislation that DOH is moving forward with at this time. There are three items that are likely most interesting to us as massage therapists.

Enhanced Capacity and Diversity of Health Profession Boards and Commissions. 

This proposal modifies boards and commission statutes in order to achieve consistency, allow for more diversity, and increase effectiveness by:

  • expanding the size of membership and number of public members; 
  • removing the membership restrictions, such as congressional district or specialty requirements;
  • increasing compensation so all boards and commissions are reimbursed at a Class 5 rate ($250 a day).
  • removing specific quorum requirements for disciplinary actions and aligning terms requirements.

Improve Credentialing Performance. 

This would have the effect of adding staff to the credentialing unit in order to be able to meet the goal of issuing credentials within 7 calendar days of receiving a complete application.

Complete the HELMS Project.

The new Healthcare Enforcement and Licensing System (HELMS) has had some unexpected delays which will increase costs.

Department of Health_2022 Budget and Legislative Requests_August2021_v4.pdf

Marybeth Berney WSMTA President

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