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Annual Meeting & Continuing Education

9 May 2021 7:04 PM | WSMTA (Administrator)

Annual Business Meeting and Continuing Education

  • June 27 2021 at 9:30AM - 2:30 PM
  • Zoom attendance is limited to 100 participants.
  • Free to members, must be a member to attend. To become a member JOIN HERE
  • 4 Continuing Education Credits

Sustaining and Growing Your Business in Tough Times: Thinking Outside the Box During the Pandemic

In this live, interactive webinar our presenters will present creative healthcare business models. Thinking outside the box, they will share the benefits and risks of various models as well as the underlying values that inspire them.

Our presenters, from an array of healthcare practices, will inspire you to consider new ideas to grow your practice or recover from the effects of the pandemic.

Annual Business Meeting

  • Results of the 2021 election of Directors.
  • Reports from WSMTA Clinical Practices, Government Relations, Membership Programs, and Treasurer. Our team of volunteers have been working especially hard for you and the profession this last year.

Continuing Education Sessions

Direct Primary Care (Concierge Service) by Dr. Richie

Dr. Ritchie will describe the pros and cons of a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice, and answer any questions you may have in case you are contemplating starting a DPC practice in the future within a massage or multidisciplinary setting. With DPC, also known as concierge service, the provider works directly for the patient, and insurance companies are not part of the equation. Since the provider does not have to hire multiple billers and coders to deal with insurance companies, she can see fewer patients and give more time and individualized attention to each patient. The hassle factor of a medical practice goes down dramatically.

Biography: Samantha Ritchie M.D., is a family physician who retired from full time practice in 2019. Her 32 year career included working in a private practice, teaching at a family medicine residency, being the medical director at a rural healthcare clinic, and working for the last ten years in a direct primary care (DPC) practice.

Understanding the Alphabet Soup of Supplemental Insurance Benefit Options - Taking Control of How Your Healthcare Dollars are Spent by Jessica Bradley 

As healthcare providers and consumers of healthcare, it is important for massage therapists to understand the basics of supplemental health care accounts. There are a variety of tax advantages and reasons why you or your clients may wish to utilize options to set aside money to pay for healthcare expenses.  Also, these types of accounts can help increase your practice if you are willing to welcome clients into your practice that have supplemental healthcare accounts. This workshop will explain the basics of Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and employer sponsored Voluntary Employees' Beneficiary Association (VEBA) plans.

Biography: Jessica J. Bradley has a Masters Degree in Public Administration and served as a labor relations adjudicator and mediator for over a decade. Jessica has assisted with negotiations of hundreds of contract negotiations involving health insurance benefit options and supplemental health benefit accounts. Jessica is now self-employed in Washington State as a small and large animal massage therapist (SAMP & LAMP).

Widening Your Horizons and Adding Additional Services to Your Practice with Leslie Korn

Dr. Leslie Korn will share her story beginning as a bodywork practitioner, expanding and evolving to an Integrative Medicine clinician, focused on mental health, somatic therapies & nutrition. She will describe her motivation to expand her education, knowledge base and income sources which led her to become an educator, author, mentor & supervisor. Leslie will also describe the opportunities for partnering with researchers & creating projects to increase access & deliver services to under-served communities which are funded by grants.

Biography: Leslie Korn, PhD, MPH is a licensed psychotherapist, certified in Functional Nutrition, board-certified in both Polarity therapy and Bodywork and Massage therapy, and is a national board-approved clinical supervisor. She has a private practice where she works with clients to improve mental health and reduce or eliminate medications using natural medicines. She mentors clinicians who want to enter the field and provides supervision for clinicians in the field.  She is also director of research at the Center for World Indigenous Studies, a non-profit American Indian organization focusing on social justice and consultation to indigenous communities on revitalization strategies using traditional medicine, herbal and culinary practices.

Developing and Running a Membership-Based Wellness Spa by Nicole Chryst, LMT 

Nicole will describe the membership model and how she transitioned out of the typical pay-as-you-go model that most massage practices and clinics have.  Membership models require customized software to implement this business format.  Nicole will also describe how to accurately calculate the overhead expenses per massage treatment as well as discuss how to develop the online marketing and employee education that goes into making her wellness spa successful.

Biography: Nicole has been an LMT since 2006.  In 2008, she created, Ballaura, a wellness spa that focuses on fitness, health and healing using an employee-based model.  Four years ago, Nicole transitioned Ballaura into a membership-based wellness spa.

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