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COVID 19 Interim Guidance Documents

22 Sep 2020 7:29 PM | Carl Wilson (Administrator)

Interim Guidance on Personal Protection Equipment Rev 9/18/20

This document is an interim guide for massage therapists in making selections on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to use while in the treatment room or office. WSMTA makes minimum PPE recommendations for massage therapists and their clients, highlights the options available and how to choose the best option for your practice and your clients/patients.

What’s New: Updated information on facemasks and respirators as well as new information on how to obtain PPE from the WA State PPE Stockpile.

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Interim Guidance on Sanitation Rev 9/17/20

The Sanitation document builds on the Interim Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment by providing more information on cleaning and disinfecting PPE, extending the life of it and storing it. This document also provides information on cleaning and disinfecting (the how, why and strategies for reducing the amount of time doing it) as well as many other important things related to the setup of a massage room or clinic while COVID-19 is an issue.

What’s New: Updated section on air quality in the treatment room and new information about aerosol, droplets, infectious dosage and viral load.

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Interim Guidance on Practice Guidelines Rev 9/19/20

The Practice Guidelines document provides information on how to check for symptoms and signs of health in yourself and your patient/client. It takes all of the prior information the PPE and Sanitation guidance documents provided helps the massage therapist to put it into an infection prevention and control plan as well as provides strategies for before the massage session, during the massage session and after the massage session.

What’s New:  The section on “Blood Clotting and Best Practice Considerations” has been significantly updated to “Effects of COVID-19 on the Body and Best Practice Considerations” as well as other smaller updates throughout the document.

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