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Regence/DocuSign Recontracting Emails

24 Feb 2022 12:49 PM | WSMTA (Administrator)

Have you been receiving unsolicited emails from what looks like it could be a Regence email address? Is it real? Or, is this part of a cyber attack? Could it be both?

The answer to this question seems to depend on who you talk to at Regence and how far the representative is willing to dig into the question. Some providers who have called Regence Providers Relations and spoke with a representative have been told “Yes it’s real. The website says Regence is switching all individual provider agreements with a new, standardized Professional Services Agreement and must be in electronic format.” Other providers who have called Regence have spoken with representatives who have dug-in a little deeper, (beyond the first page of their website), and have been told they can not find anyone at Regence who will take responsibility for sending these emails out to providers. 

So what do we do?

Cyber Security 101 tells us to never click on any links contained in unsolicited emails we may receive. 

At the very least, here are some of the precautions a provider should take if receiving such emails:


  • Be cautious of any emails that use exclamations like “URGENT”, “MUST RESPOND”, or mention some sort of penalty if you don’t respond immediately. Typically, these emails are not from any legitimate source. 

  • Be suspicious of any emails that have spelling or grammatical errors and dates that haven’t been updated to the current year.  

  • Double check email addresses and make sure they match previous legitimate email correspondence. Look for slight misspellings and differences. 

  • It is easy for malicious operators to download logos, contact information and text to look like the real thing.

  • If you are unsure, consider looking on your secure Availity portal to see if you have any alerts or messages. 

  • Always go directly to the providers' website, contact information or secure portal to look for updates and current information. 

  • Double check to see if your Regence provider contract is still current or due to expire. 

  • Consider calling Regence Provider Relations before filling out any information online. 

Regence is in the process of updating their contracts and moving renewals online. After ensuring any email communication from Regence is legitimate, here are a few things to consider with a new contract.


  • Read and compare your new contract to any previous contracts.

  • Is this the same contract or does it have changes other than moving to an electronic format? 

  • Am I willing to take on the responsibility that this new contract requires of me and my business?

  • Have I checked with the OIC to see if this contract has been approved?

  • If I sign this new contract, could it still be binding even if the OIC has not approved it?

  • Should I have an attorney review the contract BEFORE I sign?

  • What are the ramifications if I don’t sign this new contract?

Do you have questions regarding this new contract? Please send your questions to us as soon as possible.

We have reached out to an attorney who specializes in reviewing provider contracts. Our goal is to have him thoroughly review & clarify the contract(PSA) language including any  additions/changes from prior contracts and research approval by the OIC. (Office of the Insurance Commissioner)

Are you interested in helping share the costs and the results of this legal review/consultation. Please let us know along with any questions you may have. 

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