October 29, 2016

South Sound LMT’s

South Sound (Olympia Area) Massage Therapists Local Group

Meets the Second Tuesday of the Month for either a social event or Presentations by Experts.

For the rest of this year…Nov. 15 2016 6:30pm Ethics: Trans Competency for Massage Therapists. Instructor Lisa Miller LMP. Location Uncork and Unwind-324 Custer Way, Tumwater.

Dec. 13 2016 6:30pm Holiday Party. Ramblin Jack’s-520 4th Ave E., Olympia

Keep up to date and informed of the latest events and issues on their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SSMTolympia/

The South Sound Massage Therapists (SSMT) group is going to try something a little different in 2017. We want this new year to be the year of “Networking and Mutual Support” of each other, so…we are going to make 2017 the year of “Ask the Expert”.

We will continue to meet each month on the second Tuesday, but the schedule will alternate between morning and evening. So it looks like this…

2017 Schedule:

Feb. 14, 6:30pm Networking

March 14, 8am coffee

April 11, 6:30pm Ethics Class

May 9, 8am coffee

June 13, 6:30pm Networking

July 11, 8am coffee

Aug. 8, Summer BBQ 6:30pm

Sept. 12, 8am coffee

Oct. 10, 6:30pm Ethics

Nov. 14, 8am Financial / Tax Planning for LMTs

Dec. 12, Holiday Party.

Dates that are indicated “coffee” or “Networking” will feature an invited Expert

Locations will vary around greater Olympia/Tumwater/Lacey area. Check our Facebook page for detailed information and to sign up for all events and classes.

Be an Expert Presentation.  Contact Marybeth Berney or Dagmar Growe through their Facebook Page