April 1, 2017

Real Professional Massage

Real Massage Brochures

As licensed health care providers in Washington State our conduct is overseen by the Department of Health (D.O.H.). The D.O.H. serves the primary purpose of consumer protection, seeing to it that the consumers of all forms of health care have an advocate, and, at the same time, serving to police the conduct of all health care providers here in our state.

Because there are so many categories of health care providers it is almost impossible for D.O.H. to do all that can be done to educate specific categories of consumers. For instance, currently there is no brochure produced by the state to assist massage consumers in knowing what to look for when seeking real, professional massage here in Washington State. Because of this, the W.S.M.T.A. has teamed up with Watson Consulting Services to produce the Real Professional Massage brochures, essentially a consumer’s guide to finding legitimate, licensed and professional massage in Washington.

These generic brochures are available at no cost through the W.S.M.T.A. website in the form of a PDF file that you can download and print in your office.

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Though we as professional, licensed massage therapists may hate to hear it, the problems associated with illegitimate massage persist, not only here in our state but all across the U.S. Sadly, even concerns around human trafficking in illegitimate massage businesses (IMB’s) end up being part of this conversation at times and many of us are unsure, or ill prepared, as to how to speak knowledgeably about these issues when they come up.

Nationally, the conversation about all of this is changing, with many professional associations now choosing to get involved rather than sit on the sidelines while others talk. The W.S.M.T.A. feels that this is a valid conversation that massage therapists need to know how to respond to. The W.S.M.T.A. has the good fortune to have a working relationship with Watson Consulting Services, one of the best-informed sources on all of this in the U.S. and through that partnership has produced these education brochures to assist you in understanding this troubling issue better. The Massage Therapist’s Guide to Understanding Human Trafficking may serve to provide you with stable footing in conversations around these issues if and when they might occur. These brochures are provided in a PDF file at no cost by the W.S.M.T.A.

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Please Join us in the fight against Human Trafficking and the promotion of Real Massage Therapy.

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