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State of WA Board of Massage July 7 2017 report

7 Jul 2017 10:27 AM | WSMTA (Administrator)

Report from the State of WA Board of Massage July 7 2017 Board meeting

The most important part of the BOM meeting was the discussion of…does the board want to begin another round of Rule writing, and if so, which Rules do they want to look at.

During the last Rule writing, the board had “tabled” rules around…educational requirements for licensure as well as continuing education, because they felt that they needed more time to research what might be needed, as far as changes, and they did not want to “delay” the other rules that were moving through the process. Also, during the very end of the last round of Rules writing, the Board discovered some “gaps” that they wanted to go back and possibly fill. Ultimately the Board tabled any decisions about which Rules to work on until their meeting in Sept. But here are some highlights of the discussion that happened…

  1. Education for licensure. All past discussions have been in regard to following the Entry Level Analysis Project (ELAP) www.elapmassage.org.  It was again discussed to use this as the jumping off point.
  2. Continuing education. Most of the Board felt that some clean up and clarification of language needed to happen vs. changing the number of hours required. Because LMTs have a 2 years cycle for CEs, if new Rules are written the effective date would need to be 2 years from adoption to allow for compliance (during those 2 years the Board would not be able to touch those Rules).
  3. Are more specific educational requirement need to go along with the new Rules around Breast Massage and Perineal Area Massage? Possibly, is the short answer.  One Board member suggested a need for Perineal area massage to have an Endorsement (like Intra-oral). Executive Director, Blake Maresh, reminded the Board that they do not have statutory authority to require an endorsement. It would require legislation to give them the authority to require an endorsement for this type of work.

“Thanks to Robbin Blake who provided me with notes from the second half of the meeting which I had to miss.”

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