May 6, 2017

Clinical Practices

Our Clinical Practices Program consists of Susan Rosen, Program Director ;  Amy Thomason, Dagmar Growe and Robbin Blake.

Clinical Practices Program Description

In Washington State, massage therapists are in a unique position, licensed by the state and credentialed by insurance companies, as healthcare providers. LMTs  are included in many insurance provider networks.  Our goal is to address issues that impact clinical practices at the state level. We bring our voices, our knowledge, and collaborative approach to the many regulatory, legislative, insurance and other massage profession stakeholder workgroups that exist in Washington state.

Our initial goals are:

  • Reimbursement issues: Address difficulties with and delays of payments, and lack of cost-of-living rate increases..
  • Prior authorization issues: Work with third party payers on streamlining the process, and provide resources and support to our members.
  • Credentialing issues: Improve access to and network adequacy of provider networks.

To this end we are working

  • to establish communication portals with third party payers
  • create on-going, systematic and effective communication with our membership, third party payers, and other professional organizations in the healthcare field.
  • seek guidance from professional advocates.