BOM update on rule making

Update: 07/27/2016

From the BOM:

Dear Interested Parties:

Attached is DRAFT language for revisions to chapter 246-830 WAC – Massage Practitioners

Please submit comments by August 17th.  We are seeking additional input from all interested stakeholders as we continue to refine the language of the draft rules.  Once we have completed the drafting process, we will issue formal PROPOSED rules, which will be followed by a formal public comment process, including a public hearing.  We currently anticipate the formal public comment period and hearing will occur in early 2017.

The public may continue to comment up until the date of the public hearing.  However, we are providing this opportunity in order for staff to compile comments for the board’s review and consideration prior to their September 9th board meeting.  Please submit comments to

Please note the following when reviewing the drafts

Increase in training hours

  • The Board of Massage (board) is considering an increase in minimum training hours from 500 to 625.  A final decision has not been made; however, you will notice that WAC 246-830-035 and WAC 246-830-440 reference 625 hours.  We are specifically seeking your input on this issue.

 WAC 246-830-005 Definitions

  • Specifically, the board is seeking comments and suggestions regarding the definition of “Breast massage.”

WAC 246-830-xxx Breast massage

  • Per the board’s request, two versions have been provided on a separate document that is attached.  We are seeking the public’s opinion on which version you prefer, and you may of course identify elements of both versions that you prefer.

WAC 246-830-xxx Recordkeeping

  • The board’s intent for this language is for providers to maintain documentation for justification of treatment provided to the client.  We have received prior input that some segments of the profession do not wish to keep records or feel that it is necessary.  We are specifically seeking input on 1) the public’s opinion on keeping records for patients, 2) whether all segments of the profession need to keep records, and 3) if so, do all segments of the profession need to maintain records in the same detail.

Wherever possible, please suggest specific language changes, as this is helpful in moving the draft rules forward.  Please contact me with any questions.  Thank you.

Megan Maxey, Program Manager

Washington State Board of Massage
Department of Health
Office of Health Professions

PO Box 47852

Olympia, WA  98504-7852

P: (360) 236-4945 | F: (360) 236-2901

There are 2 versions of the Rule regarding Breast Massage Therapy

Breast massage – 2 versions (docx)

246-830 WAC draft(2) – track changes(docx)