BOM Draft rule language for chapter 246-830 WAC

From Maxey, Megan (DOH) <>  Nov 10

Dear Interested Parties: Attached is the draft rule language that was approved by the Board of Massage (board) on October 21st.  The first document shows all the changes that have been made since we began this process.  The second document reflects those changes without the mark ups. The board endorsed the entirety of rules proposed in this draft and for those specific rules within chapter 246-830 WAC, where the board has authority, formally approved them for submission of a CR-102 packet, and allowed for staff to make minor editorial changes that does not materially alter the content. The next steps for the proposed rules are to file them with the Office of the Code Reviser, which we estimate to happen toward the end of this year.  Once the rules have been filed and are published, the formal public comment period on the proposed rules will begin.  This includes conducting a rules hearing to take public testimony.  The Board and the department will then review comments received during the public comment period, when non-substantive changes can be considered.   We estimate that the final rules will be filed with the Code Reviser by late May, in order to ensure an effective date of July 1, 2017. Thank you.  Megan Maxey
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The language is a work in progress.  Final language documents will be released in June sometime.  Stay tuned for more!

ch246-830wac-draft-without-track-changesnov102016 (docx)


ch246-830wac-draft-without-track-changesnov102016 (docx)

Updated 05/19/2017 – Last version downloaded from the BOM website during public comments period.

246-830 WAC draft language 051316